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零件编号产品描述 (功能)生产厂家
APR-B10 AC Current transducer APR-B10 LEM
LEM Industrial LEM
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APR-B10 Datasheet PDF : APR-B10 pdf   
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AC Current transducer APR-B10

Split core transducer for the electronic measurement distorted AC waveforms current, with galvanic isolation between the primary (High power) and the secondary circuits (Electronic circuit). Switch selectable ranges and True RMS 0-5V and 0-10V switch selectable voltage output.

• VFD and SCR waveforms current measurement
• True RMS output
• Split core type
• 5V & 10V switch selectable voltage output
• DIN mounting & Panel mounting
• Eliminates insertion loss
• Switch selectable ranges

• Large aperture for cable up to Ø18mm
• High isolation between primary and secondary circuits
• Easy to mount

• VFD Controlled Loads:
    VFD output indicates how the motor and attached load are operating.
• SCR Controlled Loads:
    Acurate measurement of phase angle fired or burst fired (time proportioned) SCRs. Current measurement gives faster response than temperature measurement.
• Switching Power Supplies and Electronic Ballasts:
    True RMS sensing is the most accurate way to measure power supply or ballast input power.


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