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CLC2005ISO8 数据手册 ( 数据表 ) - Cadeka Microcircuits LLC.

CLC2005ISO8 Dual, Low Cost, +2.7V to 5.5V, 260MHz Rail-to-Rail Amplifer CADEKA
Cadeka Microcircuits LLC. CADEKA
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General Description
The Comlinear CLC2005 is a dual, low cost, voltage feedback amplifer. This amplifer is designed to operate on +2.7V,+5V, or ±2.5V supplies. The input voltage range extends 300mV below the negative rail and 1.2V below the positive rail. The CLC2005 offers superior dynamic performance with a 260MHz small signal bandwidth and 145V/μs slew rate. The combination of low power, high output current drive, and rail-to-rail performance make the Comlinear CLC2005 well suited for battery-powered communication/computing systems.

■  260MHz bandwidth
■  Fully specifed at +2.7V and +5V supplies
■  Output voltage range: 0.036V to 4.953V; Vs = +5; RL = 2kΩ
■  Input voltage range: -0.3V to +3.8V; Vs = +5
■  145V/μs slew rate
■  4.2mA supply current per amplifer
■  ±55mA linear output current
■  ±85mA short circuit current
■  Directly replaces AD8052 and AD8042 in single supply applications
■  Pb-free SOIC-8 package

■  A/D driver
■  Active flters
■  CCD imaging systems
■  Coaxial cable drivers
■  High capacitive load driver
■  Portable/battery-powered applications
■  Twisted pair driver
■  Video driver


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