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EL2170C 70 MHz/1 mA Current Mode Feedback Amplifiers Elantec
Elantec -> Intersil Elantec
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General Description
The EL2170C/EL2270C/EL2470C are single/dual/quad current-feedback operational amplifiers which achieve a b3 dB bandwidth of 70 MHz at a gain of a1 while consuming only 1 mA of supply current per amplifier. They will operate with dual supplies ranging from g1.5V to g6V, or from single supplies ranging from a3V to a12V. In spite of their low supply current, the EL2270C and the EL2470C can output 55 mA while swinging to g4V on g5V supplies. The EL2170C can output 100 mA with similar output swings. These attributes make the EL2170C/EL2270C/EL2470C excellent choices for low power and/or low voltage cable-driver, HDSL, or RGB applications.

• Single (EL2170C), dual (EL2270C) and quad (EL2470C) topologies
• 1 mA supply current (per amplifier)
• 70 MHz b3 dB bandwidth
• Tiny SOT23-5 Package (EL2170C)
• Low cost
• Single- and dual-supply operation down to g1.5V
• 0.15%/0.15§ diff. gain/diff. phase into 150X
• 800 V/ms slew rate
• Large output drive current: 100 mA (EL2170C) 55 mA (EL2270C) 55 mA (EL2470C)
• Also available with disable in single (EL2176C) and dual (EL2276C)
• Higher speed EL2180C/EL2186C family also available (3 mA/ 250 MHz) in single, dual and quad

• Low power/battery applications
• HDSL amplifiers
• Video amplifiers
• Cable drivers
• RGB amplifiers
• Test equipment amplifiers
• Current to voltage converters


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