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GS815018AB Datasheet PDF - Giga Semiconductor

零件编号产品描述 (功能)生产厂家
GS815018AB 1M x 18, 512K x 36 18Mb Register-Register Late Write SRAM GSI
Giga Semiconductor GSI
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GS815018AB Datasheet PDF : GS815018AB pdf   
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Family Overview
GS815018/36A are 18,874,368-bit (18Mb) high performance SRAMs. This family of wide, low voltage HSTL I/O SRAMs is designed to operate at the speeds needed to implement economical high performance cache systems.

• Register-Register Late Write mode, Pipelined Read mode
• 2.5 V +200/–200 mV core power supply
• 1.5 V or 1.8 V HSTL Interface
• ZQ controlled programmable output drivers
• Dual Cycle Deselect
• Fully coherent read and write pipelines
• Byte write operation (9-bit bytes)
• Differential HSTL clock inputs, K and K
• Asynchronous output enable
• Sleep mode via ZZ
• IEEE 1149.1 JTAG-compliant Serial Boundary Scan
• JEDEC-standard 119-bump BGA package
• Pb-Free 119-bump BGA package available


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