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LH1526AAC Dual 1 Form A Solid-State Relays Infineon
Infineon Technologies Infineon
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The LH1526 relay is two SPST normally open switches that can replace electromechanical relays in many applications. The relays require a minimal amount of LED drive current to operate, making it ideal for battery powered and power consumption sensitive applications. The relay is constructed using a GaAIAs LED for actuation control and an integrated monolithic die for the switch output. The die, fabricated in a high-voltage dielectrically isolated technology, comprised of a photo diode array, switch-control circuitry, and MOSFET switches. In addition, the relay employs current-limiting circuitry, enabling it to pass FCC 68.302 and other regu
latory surge requirements when overvoltage protection is provided. The relay can be configured for ac/dc or
dc-only operation.

• Dual Channel Form A
• Extremely Low Operating Current
• High-speed Operation
• 5300 VRMS I/O Isolation
• Current-limit Protection
• High Surge Capability
• Linear, ac/dc Operation
• dc-only Option
• Clean, Bounce-free Switching
• Low Power Consumption
• High-reliability Monolithic Receptor
• Surface-mountable
• Flammability; UL94,VØ

• UL – File No. E52744
• CSA – Certification 093751
• BSI/BABT Cert. No. 7980

• General Telecom Switching
– Telephone Line Interface
– On/off Hook
– Ring Relay
– Break Switch
– Ground Start
• Battery-powered Switch Applications
• Industrial Controls
– Microprocessor Control of Solenoids, Lights, Motors, Heaters, etc.
• Programmable Controllers
• Instrumentation

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