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LM3414HVSD 数据手册 ( 数据表 ) - National ->Texas Instruments

LM3414HVSD 1A 60W* Common Anode Capable Constant Current Buck LED Driver Requires No External Current Sensing Resistor National-Semiconductor
National ->Texas Instruments National-Semiconductor
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LM3414HVSD Datasheet PDF : LM3414HVSD pdf   
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General Description
The LM3414 and LM3414HV are 1A 60W* common anode capable constant current buck LED drivers. They are exceptionally suitable to drive single string of 3W HBLED with up to 96% efficiency. They accept input voltages from 4.5VDC to 65VDC and deliver up to 1A average LED current with ±3% accuracy. The integrated low-side N-channel power MOSFET and current sensing element realize simple and low component count circuitry as no bootstrapping capacitor and external current sensing resistor are required. An external small signal resistor to ground provides very fine LED current adjustment, analog dimming as well as thermal fold-back functions.

■ Support LED power up to 60W*: 18x 3W HBLEDs
■ Requires NO external current sensing resistor
■ ±3% LED current accuracy
■ Up to 96% efficiency
■ High contrast ratio (Minimum dimming current pulse width <10 µS)
■ Integrated low-side N-channel MOSFET
■ Adjustable Constant LED current from 350mA to 1000mA
■ Support analog dimming and thermal fold-back
■ Wide input voltage range:
   4.5V to 42V (LM3414)
   4.5V to 65V (LM3414HV)
■ Constant Switching Frequency adjustable from 250 kHz to 1000 kHz
■ Thermal shutdown protection
■ Power enhanced ePSOP-8 or 3mm x 3mm LLP-8 package

■ High Power LED Driver
■ Architectural Lighting, Office Troffer
■ Automotive Lighting
■ MR-16 LED Lamp


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