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LS7232NT Datasheet PDF - LSI Corporation

零件编号产品描述 (功能)生产厂家
LSI Corporation  LSI
Other PDF  2001  
LS7232NT Datasheet PDF : LS7232NT pdf   
LS7232NT image

LS7232NT is a CMOS integrated circuit designed for brightness control of incandescent lamps or tranformer coupled low voltage halogen lamps. The brightness is controlled by controlling the firing angle of a triac in series with the lamp and triggered by the LS7232NT. A Phase-Locked-Loop keeps the LS7232NT phase pointer locked in phase with the line voltage.

• Control of incandescent and transformer-coupled low voltage halogen lamps.
• No-Touch lamp control through optical sensing
• PLL synchronization of AC for wall switch application.
• Extension input for remote control
• Safety-shutdown for transformer malfunction.
• Pin-selectable operating modes
• Single 5V power supply
• 50Hz/60Hz AC line frequency
• LS7232NT (DIP); LS7232NT-S (SOIC) - See Figure 1


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