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MAX9206 Datasheet PDF : MAX9206 pdf     
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General Description
The MAX9206/MAX9208 deserializers transform a high-speed serial bus low-voltage differential signaling (BLVDS) data stream into 10-bit-wide parallel LVCMOS/LVTTL data and clock. The deserializers pair with serializers such as the MAX9205/MAX9207, which generate a serial BLVDS signal from 10-bit-wide parallel data. The serializer/deserializer combination reduces interconnect, simplifies PC board layout, and reduces board size.

♦ Stand-Alone Deserializer (vs. SERDES) Ideal for Unidirectional Links
♦ Automatic Clock Recovery
♦ Allow Hot Insertion and Synchronization Without System Interruption
♦ BLVDS Serial Input Rated for Point-to-Point and Bus Applications
♦ Fast Pseudorandom Lock
♦ Wide Reference Clock Input Range
   16MHz to 45MHz (MAX9206)
   40MHz to 60MHz (MAX9208)
♦ High 720ps (p-p) Jitter Tolerance (MAX9206)
♦ Low 30mA Supply Current (MAX9206 at 16MHz)
♦ 10-Bit Parallel LVCMOS/LVTTL Output
♦ Up to 600Mbps Throughput (MAX9208)
♦ Programmable Output Strobe Edge
♦ Pin Compatible to DS92LV1212A and DS92LV1224

   Cellular Phone Base Stations
   Add/Drop Muxes
   Digital Cross-Connects
   Network Switches and Routers
   Backplane Interconnect


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