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MAX9880A Low-Power, High-Performance Dual I2S Stereo Audio Codec MaximIC
Maxim Integrated MaximIC
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General Description
The MAX9880A is a high-performance, stereo audio codec designed for portable consumer applications such as smartphones and tablets. Operating from a single 1.8V supply to ensure low-power consumption, the MAX9880A offers a variety of input and output configurations for design flexibility. The MAX9880A can be combined with an audio subsystem, such as the MAX9877 or MAX9879, for a complete audio solution for portable applications.

♦ 1.8V Single-Supply Operation
♦ 10.6mW Playback Power Consumption
♦ 8kHz to 96kHz Stereo DAC with 96dB Dynamic Range
♦ 8kHz to 48kHz Stereo ADC with 82dB Dynamic Range
♦ Support for Any Master Clock Between 10MHz to 60MHz
♦ Stereo Microphone Inputs Support Digital Microphones
♦ Stereo Headphone Amplifiers: Differential (30mW), Single-Ended, or Capacitorless (10mW)
♦ Stereo Line Inputs and Stereo Line Outputs
♦ Voiceband Filters with Stopband Attenuation Greater than 70dB
♦ Battery-Measurement Auxiliary ADC
♦ Comprehensive Headset Detection
♦ Dual I2S- and TDM-Compatible Digital Audio Interfaces
♦ I2C- or SPI-Compatible Control Bus with 3.6V Tolerant Inputs

  Cellular Phones
  Tablet PCs
  Portable Gaming Devices
  Portable Multimedia Players


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