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产品描述 (功能)
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General Description
The MXL1344A contains six software-selectable, multiprotocol cable termination networks. Each network is capable of terminating V.11 (RS-422, RS-530, RS-530A, RS-449, V.36 and X.21) with a 100Ω differential load, V.35 with a T-network load, or V.28 (RS-232) and V.10 (RS-423) with an open-circuit load for use with transceivers having on-chip termination. The termination protocol can be selected by the serial interface cable wiring or by software control. The MXL1344A replaces discrete resistor termination networks and expensive relays required for multiprotocol termination, saving space and cost.

♦ Certified TBR-1 and TBR-2-Compliant Chipset (NET1 and NET2)—Pending Completion of Testing
♦ Supports V.10 (RS-423), V.11 (RS-422, RS-530, RS-530A, RS-449, V.36, and X.21), V.28 (RS-232) and V.35 Termination
♦ Cable- or Software-Selectable Termination
♦ Cable- or Software-Selectable DTE/DCE
♦ Replaces Discrete Resistor Termination Networks and Expensive Relays
♦ Available in Small 24-Pin SSOP Package

   Data Networking
   PCI Cards
   CSU and DSU
   Telecommunication Equipment
   Data Routers
   Data Switches


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