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The PIC18F87J50 family devices that you have received conform functionally to the current Device Data Sheet (DS39775B), except for the anomalies described in this document.
The silicon issues discussed in the following pages are for silicon revisions with the Device and Revision IDs listed in Table 1. The silicon issues are summarized in Table 2.
The errata described in this document will be addressed in future revisions of the PIC18F87J50 family silicon.
Data Sheet clarifications and corrections start on page 5, following the discussion of silicon issues.
The silicon revision level can be identified using the current version of MPLAB® IDE and Microchip’s programmers, debuggers, and emulation tools, which are available at the Microchip corporate web site (

For example, to identify the silicon revision level using MPLAB IDE in conjunction with MPLAB ICD 2 or PICkit™ 3:
1. Using the appropriate interface, connect the device to the MPLAB ICD 2 programmer/debugger or PICkit™ 3.
2. From the main menu in MPLAB IDE, select Configure>Select Device, and then select the target part number in the dialog box.
3. Select the MPLAB hardware tool (Debugger>Select Tool).
4. Perform a “Connect” operation to the device (Debugger>Connect). Depending on the devel opment tool used, the part number and Device Revision ID value appear in the Output window.

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