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Photoelectric Switches
Copiers, Printers, and Facsimiles
Vending Machines
Handy Terminals

The TPS841(F) and TPS843(F) represent a Si photo IC of digital output type that integrates a photodiode, amplifier circuit, and Schmitt trigger circuit into a single chip.
These devices are low voltage drive types, and they allow construction of low voltage systems which thus consume less power.
These devices respond faster than the phototransistor type. They output a high when light is input.

• Compact side-view epoxy resin package
• Operates over a wide supply voltage range
   : VCC = 2.7 to 15 V
• High speed response
   : tpLH = 9 μs, tpHL = 15 μs (max)
• High sensitivity: 0.3 mW/cm2 (max)
• Can be directly connected to TTL and CMOS.
• Digital output: TPS841(F) …. open collector
                          TPS843(F) …. with a pull-up resistor


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