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AIC1383 数据手册 ( 数据表 ) - Analog Intergrations

AIC1383 1.5A Termination Regulator AIC
Analog Intergrations AIC
AIC1383 PDF 数据表 : AIC1383 pdf   
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AIC1383 linear regulator is designed to achieve 1.5A source and sink current while regulating an output voltage to within 25mV.
AIC1383 converts voltage supplies range from 1.6V to 6V into an output voltage that adjusts by two external voltage divider resistors. It provides an excellent voltage source for active termination schemes of high-speed transmission lines as those seen in high-speed memory buses, and it meets the JEDEC SSTL-2 and SSTL-3 specifications for termination of DDR-SRAM.
Built-in current limiting in source and sink mode, with thermal shutdown provide maximal protection to the AIC1383 against fault conditions.

• 1.5A Source and Sink Current Ability
• Support DDR1 (1.25VTT) and DDR2 (0.9VTT) Requirements
• Low Output Voltage Offset, ±20mV
• High Accuracy Output Voltage at Full-Load
• Adjustable VOUT by External Resistor
• Low External Component Count
• Current Limit protection
• Thermal Protection
• SOP-8 Package

• Mother Board
• Graphic Cards
• DDR Termination Voltage Supply

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