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MRX1533L Low power consumption, 1.5mT High sensitivity CMOS MR Magnetic Sensor Switch Anasem
AnaSem Semiconductors Anasem
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MRX1533L series are monolithic ICs with built-in MR magnet resistive element and CMOS switch. It becomes the non-contact switch with low current consumption, high sensitivity and reliability which is combined with magnet.
A horizontal magnetic field parallel to the electrode of the package can be detected by an arbitrary polarity. (N pole ⇔ S pole)

• CMOS + MR monolithic structure
• Low current consumption ························· 3.0µA (VIN=3.3V, Ta=25°C)
• High-sensitivity ································ Typ. 1.5mT
• Operating temperature range ····················· -40 ~ +85°C
• Operating voltage range ························· 2.5V ~ 3.7V
• Detection pulse driving cycle ··················· Typ. 50msec with 25µsec width
• Magnetic direction ······························ Both direction / CMOS inverter one output
• Detection magnetic field ························ Horizontal direction of marked side of package
                                                                  (Electrode parallel both direction)
• Small package ··································· SOT-23 (2.9×2.8×1.1mm)

• Detection of opening and closing :
   Mobile phone, Notebook PC, Microwave oven, Washing machine,
   Rice cooker, Refrigerator, Electronic dictionary, Digital camera, etc.
• Detection of position : Air cylinder, Antitheft window, Digital door lock, etc.
• Detection of water level : Water purifier, Humidifier, Bidet, etc.
• Detection of rotation : Water meter, Gas meter, Wattmeter, Speed meter, etc.
• Power supply switch : Cordless phone, Electric toothbrush, etc.

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