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HCPL-0300-300 数据手册 ( 数据表 ) - HP => Agilent Technologies

HCPL-0300-300 8 MBd Low Input Current Optocoupler HP
HP => Agilent Technologies HP
HCPL-0300-300 PDF 数据表 : HCPL-0300-300 pdf   
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The HCPL-2300/HCPL-0300 optocoupler combines an 820 nm AlGaAs photon emitting diode with an integrated high gain photon detector. This combination of Agilent designed and manufactured semiconductor devices brings new high performance capabilities to designers of isolated logic and data communication circuits.
The new low current, high speed AlGaAs emitter manufactured with a unique diffused junction, has the virtue of fast rise and fall times at low drive currents.
Figure 6 illustrates the propagation delay vs. input current characteristic. These unique characteristics enable this device to be used in an RS-232-C interface with ground loop isolation and improved common mode rejection. As a line receiver, the HCPL-2300/HCPL-0300 will operate over longer line lengths for a given data rate because of lower IF and VF specifications.

• Guaranteed Low Thresholds:
   IF = 0.5 mA, VF ≤ 1.5 V
• High Speed: Guaranteed 5 MBd over Temperature
• Versatile: Compatible with TTL, LSTTL and CMOS
• Efficient 820 nm AlGaAs LED
• Internal Shield for Guaranteed Common Mode Rejection
• Schottky Clamped, Open Collector Output with Optional Integrated Pull-Up Resistor
• Static and Dynamic Performance Guaranteed from -40°C to 85°C
• Safety Approval
   UL Recognized -3750 V rms for
      1 minute
   CSA Approved
   IEC/EN/DIN EN 60747-5-2
   Approved with VIORM = 630
   V peak
   (Option 060)
• Ground Loop Elimination
• Computer-Peripheral Interfaces
• Level Shifting
• Microprocessor System Interfaces
• Digital Isolation for A/D, D/A Conversion
• RS-232-C Interface
• High Speed, Long Distance Isolated Line Receiver


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