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零件编号 1EDI30J12CP Infineon
Infineon Technologies Infineon
产品描述(功能)Single JFET Driver IC
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• The 1EDI30J12CP is an advanced single channel JFET gate driver. The driver is built to drive a normally-on CoolSiC™ JFET together with a low voltage P-channel MOSFET in a switching loss optimized Direct Drive JFET Topology.
• The device consists of two galvanic separated parts. The input signals are TTL level compatible with a high voltage capability of up to 17.5V. The output chip is directly driving a CoolSiC™ JFET and MOSFET with rail to rail output stages.

• Single channel isolated JFET driver
• Optimized for 1200V Infineon CoolSiC™ JFETs
• Extremely low propagation delay of typ. 80ns
• Extremly high common mode transient immunity of 100V/ns
• Minimal 3A rail-to-rail output
• Safe turn off during start up
• Supports bootstrap operation

Product Highlights
• Single driver for normally-on JFET
• Galvanic isolation
• Signal transmission via Coreless Transformer
• Supporting Direct Drive JFET Topology

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