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零件编号 M29F800FB5AN6E2 Micron
Micron Technology 
产品描述(功能)Micron Parallel NOR Flash Embedded Memory
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General Description
This description applies specifically to the M29F 16Mb (2 Meg x 8 or 1 Meg x 16) nonvolatile memory device, but also applies to lower densities. The device enables READ, ERASE, and PROGRAM operations using a single, low-voltage (4.5–5.5V) supply. On power-up, the device defaults to read mode and can be read in the same way as a ROM or EPROM.
The device is divided into blocks that can be erased independently, preserving valid data while old data is erased. Each block can be protected independently to prevent accidental PROGRAM or ERASE operations from modifying the memory. PROGRAM and ERASE commands are written to the command interface. An on-chip program/erase controller simplifies the process of programming or erasing the device by managing the operations required to update the memory contents.
The end of a PROGRAM or ERASE operation can be detected and any error conditions identified. The command set required to control the memory is consistent with JEDEC standards.

• Supply voltage
   – VCC = 5V
• Access time: 55ns
• Program/erase controller
   – Embedded byte/word program algorithms
• Erase suspend and resume modes
• Low power consumption
   – Standby and automatic standby
• 100,000 PROGRAM/ERASE cycles per block
• Electronic signature
   – Manufacturer code: 0x01h
• Top device codes
   – M29F200FT: 0x2251
   – M29F400FT: 0x2223
   – M29F800FT: 0x22D6
   – M29F160FT: 0x22D2
• Bottom device codes
   – M29F200FB: 0x2257
   – M29F400FB: 0x22AB
   – M29F800FB: 0x2258
   – M29F160FB: 0x22D8
• RoHS-compliant packages
   – TSOP48
   – SO44 (16Mb not available for this package)
• Automotive device grade 3
   – Temperature: –40 to +125°C
• Automotive device grade 6
   – Temperature: –40 to +85°C
• Automotive grade certified (AEC-Q100)

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