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TCMT11 Optocoupler with Phototransistor Output Vishay
Vishay Semiconductors Vishay
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The TCMT11.. Series consist of a phototransistor optically coupled to a gallium arsenide infraredemitting diode in an 4- lead up to 16- lead plastic Miniflat package.
The elements are mounted on one leadframe using a coplanar technique, providing a fixed distance between input and output for highest safety requirements.

● Low profile package (half pitch)
● AC Isolation test voltage Vio = 3.75 kVRMS
● Low coupling capacitance of typical 0.3 pF
● Current Transfer Ratio (CTR) selected into groups
● Low temperature coefficient of CTR
● Wide ambient temperature range
● Underwriters Laboratory (UL) 1577 recognized, file number E-76222
● CSA (C-UL) 1577 recognized file number E- 76222 - Double Protection
● Coupling System M

    Programmable logic controllers, modems, answering machines, general applications

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