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产品描述 (功能)
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General Description
The MAX5080/MAX5081 are 250kHz PWM step-down DC-DC converters with an on-chip, 0.3Ω high-side switch. The input voltage range is 4.5V to 40V for the MAX5080 and 7.5V to 40V for the MAX5081. The output is adjustable from 1.23V to 32V and can deliver up to 1A of load current.

♦ 4.5V to 40V (MAX5080) or 7.5V to 40V (MAX5081) Input Voltage Range
♦ 1A Output Current
♦ VOUT Range From 1.23V to 32V
♦ Internal High-Side Switch
♦ Fixed 250kHz Internal Oscillator
♦ Automatic Switchover to Pulse-Skip Mode at Light Loads
♦ External Frequency Synchronization
♦ Thermal Shutdown and Short-Circuit Protection
♦ Operates Over the -40°C to +125°C Temperature Range
♦ Space-Saving (5mm x 5mm) High-Power 16-Pin TQFN Package

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