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Vishay Semiconductors
产品描述 (功能) : Molded Precision Wirewound Resistors

High stability and low temperature coefficient are the main features of the Precision Wirewound Resistors type RMB RMBS models just as maintenance parts. Their performances can be compared with those of the best film Resistors but they have in addition a greater power rating. RMBS styles meet the more severe requirements of NF C 83-210 (all RMBS styles are approved) and characteristic U of MIL-R-26 E (approximate size of RW 70 and 79 Resistors) specifications. The two models RMB and RMBS have a similar construction. RMBS are submitted, in addition to a process which further increases the stability. On request, non-inductive Resistors are available under the reference RMB NI.

• 0.75 W to 3 W at 25 °C
• NF C 83-210
• CECC 40201-005
• Low temperature coefficient ≤ ± 50 ppm/°C
• Low ohmic values 15 mΩ available
• Excellent behavior against humidity
• Electrical insulation
• Mechanical strength
• Accurate sizes
• Termination = Sn/Ag/Cu or pure matte tin according to the ohmic value

零件编号(s) : NAS-XXX
产品描述 (功能) : SEMI-Precision POWER Wirewound RESISTOR


SEMI-Precision POWER Wirewound RESISTOR

• 1/4 watt to 10 watts
• ±5%, ±3%, ±1%, ±.5% tolerance
• 0.1 ohm to 175K ohms
• Resistance wire TCR ±20 ppm/°C

产品描述 (功能) : high voltage power Resistors

• PSN is made completely moisture preventive to be PSO
• PN is a non-inductive type and can be used for high frequency
• PWW Resistors, which are non-inductive Wirewound Resistors for high voltage with resistance wires wound on insulation pipes
• PAP Resistors are non-inductive Wirewound Resistors with inductance less than PWW, can be used for pulse wave measurement, impulse generators, etc. and have the same dimensions as PWW Resistors

零件编号(s) : SP5086 SP5232
产品描述 (功能) : Precision Wirewound Resistors


Precision Wirewound Resistors

• Resistances to 25MOhms
• Resistance Tolerances to ±0.005%
• Temperature Coefficients of ±1 ppm/K
• Power Ratings to 2W
• 100% Acceptance Tested / Traceable to NIST
• Long Term Stability / 100ppm/year
• Matched Resistance Sets to ±0.001% and ±0.5 ppm/K

零件编号(s) : SP5086 SP5232
Riedon Powertron
产品描述 (功能) : Precision Wirewound Resistors

Precision Wirewound Resistors

• Resistances to 25MOhms
• Resistance Tolerances to ±0.005%
• Temperature Coefficients of ±1 ppm/K
• Power Ratings to 2W
• 100% Acceptance Tested / Traceable to NIST
• Long Term Stability / 100ppm/year
• Matched Resistance Sets to ±0.001% and ±0.5 ppm/K

产品描述 (功能) : Insulated Precision Wirewound Resistors Axial Leads

In Wirewound Precision Resistors, the RLP series holds a leading position in professional applications whenever an excellent stability of the ohmic value and a correspondingly low temperature coefficient are required at the same time.

• 1 W to 10 W at 25 °C
• According to CECC 40-201-006
• According to MIL-R-26/5C and MIL-R-26/6C
• Excellent stability < ± 0.3 % after 1000 h
• High power up to 10 W at 25 °C
• Low ohmic values 10 m available
• Low temperature coefficient  ± 50 ppm/°C
• Electrical insulation
• Climatic protection
• Termination = Pure matte tin or Sn/Ag/Cu according to the ohmic value
• Material categorization: for definitions of compliance please see

产品描述 (功能) : MOLDED Wirewound CHIP INDUCTORS


❐ Molded construction, excellent environmental performance
❐ 1210 and 1812 sizes available from stock
❐ Ferrite core, Wirewound construction
❐ Intermediate values, increased current, Q, & SRF available

产品描述 (功能) : Lead Free Vitreous Enamel Molded Axial Term. Wirewound, 5% Tolerance Standard

When you need the highest quality Wirewound axial terminal Resistors available, choose Ohmite’s 90 Series Resistors.
They are manufactured by a unique process that molds the vitreous enamel over the resistive element, helping to ensure consistent dimensions. This uniformity permits 90 Series Resistors to be mounted in clips, creating a heat-sinking benefit (see next page).
The durable vitreous enamel coating, which is totally lead free, permits the 90 Series Resistors to maintain a hard coating while operating at high temperatures. Mechanical integrity is enhanced by the all-welded construction.

• Molded Construction provides consistent shape
   and size (Permits mounting in clips which extends
   power rating).
• Meets MIL-R-26 requirements for insulated Resistors.
• All-welded construction.
• Flame resistant lead free vitreous enamel coating.
• Higher ratings in smaller sizes.
• Heat sink mounting clips available.
• RoHS compliant; add “E” suffix to part number to

产品描述 (功能) : Type MX Precision High Voltage Resistors


Cost Effective High Voltage Resistors for Industrial and General Purpose Applications

The Type MX Precision High Voltage Resistors were specifically developed for use in industrial and general purpose high voltage systems. These Resistors combine the proven performance of Caddocks Micronox® resistance system with new cost efficient design elements. These Resistors are intended for the design of high voltage systems where the system is not exposed to full military or space grade operating conditions. For full military or space grade operating conditions, we recommend Caddocks Type TG Low TC Precision High Voltage Resistors or Type MG Precision High Voltage Resistors.

The performance features of the Type MX Precision High Voltage Resistors are:
• Seven Models with Voltage Ratings from 7.5 KV to 48 KV.
• Temperature Coefficient: 80 ppm/°C from 0°C to +70°C.
• Load Life Stability of 0.50% per 1,000 hours.
• Resistance Tolerance from ±0.1% to ±10%.
• Non-Inductive Design.
• Resistance Range from 1 Megohm to 2,000 Megohms.

Welwyn Components Limited
产品描述 (功能) : Tubular Vitreous Enamelled Wirewound Resistors

General Information
Vitreous enamelled Wirewound Resistors are capable of withstanding a higher dissipation size for size, than any other protected type; this is attributable to the higher operating temperature which the wire and enamel can withstand. Vitreous enamel provides exceptionally good protection to the wire element and is essentially impervious to moisture. The Resistors can safely be used in harsh environmental conditions.
• Impervious lead free vitreous enamel coating
• Can be supplied with fixed, adjustable,
    tapped or low inductance winding
• Seven termination styles with choice of
    mounting arrangements
• Manufactured RoHS compliant
    Pb-free terminations*

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